Tragic! 3-Year-Old Dies after Mum Accidentally Hits and Drags him under family car

A 30-year-old mother on Wednesday accidentally ran over and dragged her 3-year-old toddler under her vehicle thinking it was thrash, according to Says.
The tragic incident which left the child dead instantly happened at about 12:30 outside their home in Masai, Jalan Ketapang, Malaysia.
The distressed mum, speaking to NST Online, said she didn’t know the child was in front of her Perodua Alza when he was hit.
"I'm still confused by what happened. When I left, he was still in the house," she said.
After being it, the child was dragged under the vehicle for about 10 metres, before she stopped the vehicle.
After discovering the child had been underneath the car, he was rushed to the hospital Hospital Penawar Pasir Gudang, but was pronounced dead on arrival.