Two young cousins hacked to death by their Uncle

A South African family was on Monday thrown into grief left after two of its young members were hacked to death at their grandmother’s home in Bhobhoyi, the Mercury reports.
Their grandmother, who was at home during the attacked, is struggling for her life, at a nearby hospital following the injury she had sustained also.
The said assailant, one of her sons and uncle to the toddlers, is reported to have thrown himself in front of a truck afterwards in apparent suicide.
The parents of the children indentified as Siyamthanda Smith, a girl aged 3, and Thobane Khwane, a boy aged 2, had left the kids with their grandmother while they were away at a function.
Lungisani Gumede, one of the uncles of the victims, who spoke to the Mercury said their parents had gone out the night before and had left the children in the care of their grandmother, Mary Smith.
In his words: “The three of them were sharing a bed when, at sunrise, the assailant our brother, 20-year-old Wiseman Smith stormed the room and began attacking them with a bush knife.
“Afterwards, Wiseman ran off and threw himself in front of a truck on the freeway.”

According to Gumede, Wiseman is said to have a history of mental illness, of which he had been receiving treatment.