UAE Police launch laser device to avert accidents

Abu Dhabi Police presented an innovative laser device to determine the distance between cars in fog, rain, snow, storms and dark places, according to Gulf Today.
Director of the Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety in the Central Operations Sector, Captain Hamad Ahmed Al Balushi said that the innovative laser device is installed behind the car and shows the safety distance between the car and other vehicles of 7 to 10 metres.
The limits can be controlled according to the situation, he said, adding that if the fog is very intense the laser level is extended to deter disasters and protect lives, property and infrastructure.
He noted that the cost of the device does not exceed Dhs50 and is accessible to all, stressing that the laser beam used does not disturb the drivers. The beam is guided at the ground in red colour and can penetrate the fog at a specific angle.
The range can be extended accordingly.
It gives ample time the vehicle behind to take the appropriate decision and to avoid traffic accidents.