Uncle breaks 6-year-old niece’s head with iron rod for defecating on herself

A middle-aged man, is facing trial after he smashed his 6-year-old niece’s head with an iron rod, because the little girl had defecated on herself, according to Ghana Web.

The Ashaiman Divisional Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), who carried out the arrest on Monday, disclosed the suspect has been rounded up and charged with assault and causing harm.
According to the Ashaiman Divisional DOVVSU Head, DSP Benedicta Kumeko, the Unit will issue a medical form with which the girl will go to the hospital for treatment.
DSP Kumeko also noted that plans have been concluded to take the victim to the American Relief Centre for safekeeping pending determination of the case.
“For now, we are going to take the child to the American Relief Centre for safekeeping so that when investigation is done, we will invite the biological parents of the girl.”
She further noted that the Unit will investigate circumstances under which the girl in question ended up with the suspect.
“We will investigate how come the child went in the custody of whoever the child was with, and if it happens that the biological parent will have to take the child back to where she was for safe keeping then we do that. But if we see that even the biological parents are not responsible, we will keep her at the Relief Centre.”
According to her, the suspect, who is alleged to be an uncle to the girl in question, will be charged with assault and causing harm.