Valentine's Day tragedy! Woman dies after hair gets caught go-kart wheels

It was a sad day for the family of 28-year-old Indian woman, Puneet Kaur, who lost her life after her hair, got stuck in the wheels of a go-kart, while she was having fun at an amusement park on St. Valentine’s Day.  
According to media reports, Kaur had gone on the leisure outing with her husband who is yet to recover from the shock of watching his wife die in the horrific accident.
Though the deceased had her hairs tied and a helmet on, it came undone while she enjoyed her ride and got stuck in one of the rare wheels
As the go-kart moved on, her scalp was ripped from her head.
Ms Kaur was rushed to hospital, but was declare dead on arrival.
The Indian Express newspaper reports that Kaur’s spouse, Mr Amardeep Singh, had told the police: "My wife and I were enjoying the ride on the go-kart. Suddenly, my wife's hair got loose and I heard her scream.
"I raised an alarm and when the kart stopped, her scalp was peeled off. I do not know the quality of the rubber band and the helmet given to my wife."