Varsity Student commits suicide at school campus

A 21-year-old Indian student on Wednesday jumped to his death from the 5th floor of a building on Campus, according to the Dubai Police, Khaleej Times reports.
Following the impact, nothing could be done to save the deceased when the emergency medical team arrived the scene of the incident at about 10:30am and found him lying in a pool of his blood.
They pronounced him dead immediately.
According to a close friend of the student, he had come to the university with his father to pay his fees and told his father that he wanted to use the washroom. It was after this that he jumped to his death.
The friend said the victim was absolutely normal when they spoke the night before the incident and that he did not notice any signs of depression. He said that tragic accident shocked everyone.
The police are currently carrying out an investigation to gauge the cause of death and rule out any criminal motive behind the incident.