(Video) Man Assaulted for refusing to buy 'Fake Watch'

A soldier, who was attending a course in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand was reportedly assaulted by a group of street vendors, because he refused to buy from them ‘counterfeit’ wristwatches after much persuasion.
According to Bangkok Post, the soldier on 24th of February had been approached by one seller, who aggressively tried to sell his wares. But after his prospect turned down his offer, he punched the unsuspecting foreigner.
Report holds that the angry soldier fought back, but his retaliation attracted the group of watch sellers, who then assaulted him.
A video, captured on a mobile phone showed that people tried to separate the soldier and the sellers, but to no avail.
At the end, one Thai man ended up with a bleeding nose.
Residents of the area, say that foreigners are commonly targeted by street vendors.
The soldier was attending the multinational Cobra Gold Military exercise, which took place earlier in the month in Pattaya, Bangkok.
See video below: