WHAO! Photographer transforms ordinary women to fearless fashion mentors

Self-taught Kenyan photographer and afro-futurist, Osborne Macharia, has consistently awed audiences with his vibrant, fictional photo series – known for illuminating the work of local Kenyan women, Konbini reports.
From his powerful series, KIPIRI 4following four brave Mau Mau women and their elaborate hairdos to his stunning series, NYANE, following Kenya's league of extravagant grannies – Osborne's style is as empowering as it is inimitable.
His latest series, MAGADI, follows a group of former female circumcisers living in the vast salty plains of Lake Magadi.
In the series, Osborne transforms ordinary women into fearless fashion mentors who have abandoned their former practice of circumcision and taken up "ethnic fashion" as an alternative livelihood.
In this fictional world these women are feminist icons:
"They now shelter young girls escaping early marriage, teaching them on fashion skills such as styling, fashion design, print work and modeling for both local and international runways."
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