Whoa! Lady goes in search half-siblings, but finds out there are 40 of them

21-year-old Kianni Arroyo had decided to go on an adventure, but got the shock of her life after she got much more than what she bargained for.
Arroyo, who herself had been conceived after her mum’s egg was fertilized with the semen from an undisclosed sperm donors, decided to  find out if she had any siblings, but was amazed when it turned out she actually had 40, according to Metro:
The Orlando,Florida resident, whose search that took her 5 years, said “I was raised just by my mum, and she’s always been honest with me about the fact that I was born to a sperm donor.”
Metro reports Arroyo met her father for the first time during a trip to Universal Studios when she was 18 years old, with her mother Ruth.
According to the law, Sperm donors are only supposed to give 15 to 20 samples, but the company that Kianni’s dad donated to was taken over and the records were lost. 
Of the 40 siblings Arroyo has found, 30 are willing to meet.