Why I can’t Marry Rita Dominic- Jim Iyke

Nollywood self-styled ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke was in a sizzling romantic relationship with fellow thespian, Rita Dominic which obviously didn't end up in marriage.
Of course many reasons were put forward on why it didn't go beyond dating, none of those reasons were actually verified by either party.
Anyway, Iyke, who had been romantically linked with other actresses, like Ghana's Naydia Buhari, has come up with a reason why they didn't take the relationship to the next level.
Jim Iyke, who admitted he and Dominic had something special going on then, in a recent chat said he was just a young actor who was just embracing fame and all that came with it, so settling down was far from it. 
His words: “Rita and I met when I was just beginning to embrace fame, and the comforts that came with it. The laurels, the distraction, even the destruction. And Rita is not the kind of woman that hangs around a lot. We were very deep with each other. We still are great-friends though we don’t speak constantly.
As a matter of fact, it may surprise you that we haven’t spoken to each other in over two years. But when we meet, we are cordial, and respectful. There is that deep rooted thing of a man or woman you shared something with.
I don’t think Rita at that time was looking at longevity, truthfully. Don’t forget, I was the kid with the crazy afro, ready to start a fight anywhere. My life was about having a good time and as many conquests as possible.  So, who wants that kind of guy?
You need that opposite attraction to survive the kind of life I live now. I want to come in and hear about your day, I don’t want to repeat what I have done with you. I need to learn new things from you,
I need you to teach me new tricks, and I need to, at least, pretend to be interested in what you are talking about in the evening.
A dead giveaway is the fact that I do know what you are talking about, I can fathom and predict it and I can end it, I don’t want that kind of life. I want someone that is entirely different from my world, someone that can bring me to order.
The amazing relationship I had before now didn’t work for special reasons and it is obviously because of that. I don’t want a drama queen, I just need a woman that will come to me with something different all the time, I don’t want a predictable life.”