Why I Rejected $15,000 to Ship Cocaine-Actor Femi Ogedengbe

Nollywood actor, Olufemi Ogedengbe has said he rejected a tempting offer from a drug baron which will see him paid a whopping $15,000 to move some shipments abroad.
According to the thespian, who in May 2014 shockingly named his twin babies “Nollywood” and “Hollywood”, “This temptation came at a time when I was faced with serious financial challenges. I had just been evicted from my apartment and things were really rough, but I had to turn it down.
“It is against my principles and faith to do something like that and that is why I rejected the offer. They were several other cases like that, but looking back now, I am thankful that I didn’t allow myself to be swayed by those temptations.”
Femi and his family are currently based in the US, where he picked up a job as a security officer, so as to meet up with his responsibility as a husband and father.