Woman divorces husband of 25 years for answering ‘God’s call’

A Customary court sitting in Igando, Lagos on Monday dissolved a 25-year-old marriage, after the estranged wife of a pastor insisted she could no longer continue with the union.
The Petitioner, 49-year-old Blessing Adeosun, who described her husband and a ‘deadbeat’ and ‘good-for-nothing’ ho was not good in anything, had approached the court for the dissolution of the marriage, claiming her ex-Lukmon Adeosun had abandoned his responsibility as a husband and father since he received his `pastoral calling’.
Her words: “For the past three years, Lukmon abandoned us to live in the church all in the name of pastoral work.
“I shouldered all the responsibilities of paying house rent, children’s school fees and feeding.”
As if that was not enough, Lukmon she said accused her of being an adulterer.
She also alluded that defendant wanted to take possession of a house she single-handedly built.
In his defense, Lukmon, 51, stated that she barely stays home, because he had taken up the job of a missionary.
 “My wife’s attitude suddenly changed, she started attending clubs and other social events.
“As a pastor’s wife she always absented herself from church activities,’’ he said, confirming also that that he had accused Blessing of infidelity.
“I accused her of having an affair with another pastor because that pastor had told me several times to send my wife away that she is an agent of the devil.
“So, when I started seeing them together regularly, I concluded that they are having an affair.”

The court, however did not listen to his plea, but dissolve the marriage as requested by the petitioner.