Young Pastor stabbed in the heart by jealous boyfriend

A clergyman, who until his death served as a missionary in Jo’burg, South Africa was on Friday stabbed to death in what could be described as a fit of jealous, while visiting his family.
The young preacher, Berlyn Arnold, 33, who worked with Victory Outreach International, Johannesburg, was said to have been attacked by the lover of a woman, he was friends with back home in Bonteheuwel.
Arnold and his cousin during their visit home had stopped to greet the woman, an old friend he had not seen in a while.
An eyewitness account revealed that the boyfriend of the lady, uncomfortable with the fact that Pastor Arnold and his lover had hugged, walked up to the victim and stabbed him in the chest.
Pastor Arnold was rushed immediately to the Vanguard Day Hospital, where he had died..
Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, who confirmed the incident, said a murder case has been opened, however no arrest have been made yet.
A Heartbroken aunt, Karen George, 53, says Arnold lost his mother when he was only eight years old and was raised by her and another relative, Narrieman Jack.