2 In-laws perish after mistaking pesticide for beer during drinking spree

Two in-laws on Monday died out of excruciating pains at a Mvurwi farm in Zimbabwe after they both drank a tobacco pesticide, thinking it was a local brew-‘Kachasu’, during a drinking session.
According to Bulawayo24, Bangoma Nzou, (83) had been on a ‘Kachasu’ drinking binge with his 66-year-old son in-law Aleck Munuwa, when they mistakenly shared  the tobacco pesticide which was in the same room with their kachasu bottle.
A family source shared this: “The duo was drinking Kachasu in the same room that had a pesticide so they were now drunk when they shared toxic thinking it was their village whisky, revealed the source.
“When they discovered that they drank poison no was quick to rescue them hence they died.”