26 die as ‘wedding party’ Bus plunges off bridge

26 out of 60 occupants of a bus met their untimely death after their vehicle plunged off a bridge on Thursday in Bhavnagar district, Western India.
The victims, most of them women and children were part of a wedding party, died at the spot, while the rest were helped by ‘good samaritans’  around and taken to a nearby hospital.
Preliminary investigations suggest the truck’s driver lost control making the vehicle to swerve off the bridge and fall eight metres (26 feet) onto a dry riverbed in Gujarat state, police said.
“Around 60 persons were travelling in the truck and most victims are women and children,” Gujarat police inspector K.J. Kadapda told AFP.
The district collector, Harshadkumar Patel, told AFP that “at least 25 persons have lost their lives in the accident”.
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