8-Year-Old Hangs self trying to Copy a Scene from a Crime Show, Frightened Friends Run Away

A little girl ended up hanging herself in India after she tried to copy a scene, she had seen while watching a crime show at home on Tuesday.
According to the police, friends of the 8-year-old who were there with her, horrified by what had happened flee the scene without alerting adults around.
NDTV reports that after her remains were discovered, one of the friends told the police, "She came to our house crying after being scolded at home. We watched a crime show on TV and decided to play police-police. She then hanged herself while playing."
The deceased had been girl was disturbed before she left home to play at a neighbour's house, said a police officer investigating the tragedy.
While watching a popular crime show, they reportedly saw a hanging scene.
"The children tried to copy it. This girl climbed on a bucket, put a dupatta around her neck and hung herself," said the officer.
When the children realised the girl was possibly dead, they ran away, frightened.
"This is a very unfortunate incident," said the officer.
This is the second child suicide reported since yesterday.