African migrants “threat to the Jewish State” says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that African migrants were “worse than terrorist” and a threat to the “Jewish and democratic state.”
The leader of the Jewish state, whose government had earlier this year, issued a cash or jail choice for black migrants to leave the country, also said hopes the country’s derided 200 kilometres fence built in 2014 on along its border with Egypt, will as well help to check the potential “floods” of illegal migrants from Africa henceforth.
“Without the fence, “we would be faced with … severe attacks by Sinai terrorists, and something much worse, a flood of illegal migrants from Africa,” the Times of Israel recalls the Premier saying to a cheering crowd at the Negev Development Conference in the southern city of Dimona on Monday 19 March.
The paper reports further that Netanyahu said the only way in which Israel can ensure that it remains a Jewish, democratic state is to keep the migrants out.
“How could we assure a Jewish and democratic state with 50,000 and then 100,000 and 150,000 migrants a year. After a million, 1.5 million, one could close up shop,” Netanyahu said. “But we have not closed down. We built a fence …and at the same time, with concern for security needs,” he reportedly said to cheers of Bibi Bibi ( his nickname)