Chinese city where you need a University Degree to work in Public Toilets

There is actually nothing wrong with putting up job ads for toilet managers. It is also okay to require that applicants possess certain skill set or years of experience, but insisting they have a University degree to qualify is strange.
Well that is the most important qualifications the district urban management in Wuhan in China’s Hubei province seeks for those who will manage its public toilets.
Expectedly, this job advertisement, which was posted on the municipality’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau website, has attracted backlash from Chinese ‘netizens’
According to South China Morning Post, one netizen had asked "How many cleaner positions are there left for Shanghai's master's degree holders?"
"(This job is) suitable for young people who have no direction in their lives," another netizen mocked.
However, in defence of their action, an official of the district said that has always been the requirements.
"They're not cleaners. They are responsible for management," he said, adding that managers are assigned to run several public toilets and their duties include daily patrols and overseeing maintenance.