Daddy Freeze unveils his Online Church official logo

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze on Sunday unveiled the official logo of his ‘supposed’ online church christened ‘Free Nation In Christ Online Church’. 
Although, it is still not clear whether he is doing this just to spite ministries that emphasize tithing, this 'renegade movement’ seems to be gaining recognition daily…i mean fresh converts daily.
See his post below and comments below:
Good morning everyone, service begins at 9:30am.

Our tithe this morning is:

This is the true word of Jesus and it will set You free!

Join us live on: 96.9 Coolfm,, and here on Instagram!

Don’t miss this for the world, stay blessed! ~FRZ –
  • fatokiyemiI am a staunch supporter of Daddy Freeze. The heading, as I realized when he started the message was a tongue in cheek reference. Daddy Freeze is a genius working hard to deliver sheep from the conjured messages of yahoo pastors who have bewitched them. I’m glad my parents taught me true Christian values as a child so I never fell for their nonsense. Take heed before you are led into the eternal damnation that Daddy Freeze is trying to deliver you from.
  • waterybeansLooool! Wow! Maaaaad Stuff!
  • callmiifexcoThis is Dope
  • bizieeeπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹very nice
  • callmiifexcoMay God continue to bless you @daddyfreeze. You've been doing this for years just to make sure many are free from their chains. What people don't know is, the physical building is not the church. The physical buildings we have today are business centres. A place where some set of people has decided to steal from other people including the poor to enrich themselves. Your heart is the CHURCH. These online "Church" or movement as some of you may want to address it is the best thing that can happen to all Christians, non Christians and including the Muslims. The physical buildings which y'all are referring to church is a place where only the people that visit the premises can hear what they are preaching of course which they don't even preach salvation and repentance anymore. All they preach and talk about are riches. riches. and riches. That's not what Jesus ask us to do. I applaud daddyfreeze a lot for his courage and bravery to do this.... The things, our online CHURCH can be listen to all throughout the whole world. For instance. A farmer at the farm with his radio will listen, A banker that missed the Instagram live preaching will catch up later on YouTube or on story Timeline. a house help in the kitchen will have her earpiece on listening. The drivers and securities guys that can't go into the Big men church with OGAs will tune in and plugged on their earpiece and listen to the message. Y'all criticizing this are hypocrites. The Logo, the Moto and the name is perfect. If you can always see the wrong in anything. Then, you have a problem. Our mission is to free all that has been brainwashed and caged spiritually and mentally. Our mission is not to collect tithes and offerings. But to teach you how to pray, work and get blessed not by lying to you that tithes will make you rich. Your tithe will only keep your pastors at the top of their wealth. Your tithes will only continue to keep them rich. Wake up people, it's not to be FREE #Peace
  • iamfreddyone@callmiifexco well spoken brother.
  • callmiifexco@iamfreddyone thanks my brother. It's time to be FREE ****
  • spyboss101@valid_point_ niccah...he can't do everything u know. He has started his, do ur own bit in d rural areas.
  • rinkhals@valid_point_ if u can’t do that , don’t tell someone -else to
  • mark.yusuf.12am a member
  • chelseaadams4853Online church 🀣you see your life now you’ve chased all the pastors and now started running yours....naso e dey take start
  • officialtonytimberThis is my only Church, I stopped going to Church over a decade ago and none of my kids was dedicated to any Church because I see no Christ in them, u have been looking for a place where truth will be told like this man is doing but I haven’t seen any, I made a gold statement to my wife and family that should I die that no person wearing any rubbish cloth in the name of man of God should bear my grave and I stand by thy point.
  • emeka7841@daddyfreeze finally you have open your own church?... It is Well ooo lets see how things unfold
  • 1stroyaltrade@iam_adejames like seriously...It's well... *sigh*
  • ah_dei_zwa@iam_adejames πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚dude you're so right. Last last money must still come out. Nobody should tag me o. I'm in a class😩
  • ah_dei_zwa@valid_point_ good point
  • toluekundare@prince_podi We are all called oga prince. It's called the Great Commission. When Jesus was ascending to heaven He instructed us ALL to preach the gospel. So, Mr. Prince free your ignorant sheeple mind and keep your pointed hands in your pocket. Not everyone is going to be a beggar like your greedy "pastors" collection tithes and offerings...
  • toluekundare@prince_podi Lol. Let him beg for tithes and offerings first like your sọ called pastors. Then you can cast your own stone. Until then, criticize with sense....
  • toluekundare@prince_podi Lol. A name is a noun. Stupid is an adjective. Lemme break it down. Stupid simply describes a dolt. That unfortunately isn't calling names. It's describing the person's intelligence quotient
  • toluekundare@prince_podi once again, I chip in. Read your last sentence again and apply it to yourself..... 🚢🚢🚢🚢