Dubai Hospital Waives N196m bill for comatose maid

A comatose maid, who had been hospitalized for Seven months, barely 11 days after stepping foot in the UAE has been told she can go home without paying a dime.
By this gesture 27-year-old Ethiopian, the hospital say don’t have to pay the N196,027,200 (Dh2 million) bill generated during the period of her hospitalisation.
She has since been flown home to Ethiopia.
Gulf News reports that Najat Mohammad Al Nurye arrived UAE on July 21, 2017 and within 48 hours was found gasping for breath and foaming around her mouth with a suspected case of having ingested poison.
She was rushed immediately to the International Modern Hospital emergency section.
Dr Kishen Pakkal, CEO of the hospital,  said: “Najat was flown out at 5am on Thursday morning to Addis Ababa and was reunited with her family. After being comatose for so many months, she was only able to open her eyes and cry sometimes and we feel being united with her loved ones was the best humanitarian gesture we could have extended to her.”
Nurye had come to the UAE on a housemaid visa and she went into coma even before her visa could be stamped or health insurance issued.