Elderly man accuses wife of ‘Centrally locking' his ‘Privates’

An elderly man has dragged his wife to a local court in Zimbabwe for allegedly ‘locking’ his genitals, so it can’t be used at or outside of his home, according to Bulawayo24.
Joshua Namate, a resident of Mutare, Sakubva high density suburb said this action by his wife which has lasted for 5 years has rendered him impotent.
Namate, whose marriage with his estranged wife has produced 7 children since they both solemnised it in 1976, also accused his wife, Winnie of having extra-marital affairs.
The frustrated senior citizen did not hold back, but bared it all at Chief Zimunya's court where his wife had lounged a complaint against him, even calling Winnie a witch.
"I was locked on my privates and I have never enjoyed sex since then. I am sure that she was the one responsible for rendering me impotent in bed since I once came across some herbs in her possession," he said.
Namate said he became aware that his wife had ''centrally locked'' him when he visited some traditional healers in the company of his daughter.
He said he once got healed after applying herbs prescribed by a traditional healer.
"I was given herbs and I got healed within three days of application. I then requested to have sex with my wife and she told me that I was supposed to pay her first. During that time I started seeing behavioural changes in my wife. She started coming home late or sometimes she would sleep out. That alone made me suspect that she was seeing other men. I also came to know that my wife was now into prostitution," he said.
Namate also told Chief Zimunya that his wife started forcing him to do all household chores. He also accused his wife of practicing witchcraft.
"She confessed to me that her gapped-loose teeth were as a result of eating people's flesh," he said.
Winnie Namate denied ever locking her husband genital and being a witch, saying he confessed to have been ''centrally locked'' by a prostitute instead. She said her husband told her that a prostitute had used urine and other hodgepodges to lock him.
"The problem started sometime in 2014 when his manhood could no longer erect. He then started accusing me of being responsible. He confessed to me that he had a love affair with another woman. It was that woman who locked him using urine and other assortments. I was working as an assistant accountant during the time he had an affair with the woman," she said.
Chief Zimunya ordered the couple to raise $300 which would be used to travel and consult sangomas on whether Winnie was being into witchcraft or not. They would also use the money to try and help unlock Joshua.