Ex-con hacks aunt to death over TV volume dispute

An ex-convict on Tuesday hacked his aunty to death in Gweru’s South Downs suburb, following an argument over high TV Volume.
The victim, Ms Julie Davidets (53), who had been assaulted by the assailant was on her way to the Police Station to lounge a complaint at about 3pm when Chona Fernandos (34), attacked her with an axe stricking her several times on the head and other parts of the body.
Chona's mother Ms Elizabeth Davidets said her son and young sister had a long history of fighting even over petty issues.
She said on Tuesday afternoon, Chona was watching some programme on TV, when Julie came and turned down the volume, arguing that it was making noise, which resulted in a war of words.
"These two have a long history of fighting everyday and always over minor things," said Ms Davidets. "On Tuesday afternoon, Chona was watching TV and Julie complained that the volume was very high.
Julie went on to reduce the volume while Chona was watching a programme, resulting in a serious argument and they started swearing at each other."
Ms Davidets said her son was an ex-convict, adding that in the heat of the moment, Julie called him a homosexual.
"Julie called Chona a jailbird and accused him of being a homosexual since he had served time in jail," she said.
"That angered Chona and he took an axe and attempted to strike Julie with it.
Chona accused her of treating him differently from the other children."
Ms Davidets said she managed to stop the fight before Julie went away threatening to report Chona to the police.
Chona then followed her.
She said she was then called by a neighbour, Ms Ruth Botha, who told her that Julie had been axed to death by Chona.
"While l was still at home, my neighbour Ruth called me saying something bad had happened," said Ms Davidets.
"She took me to the scene and l saw Julie lying in a pool of blood.
"She was already dead and my son was nowhere to be found."
Ms Davidets said the matter was reported to the police leading to Chona's arrest.
Credits: Chronicles