Farmer jailed for digging up niece’s corpse and mixing it with herbs to get abundant harvest

A magistrate court in Murewa, Zimbabwe on Friday sentenced a 54-year-old farmer to 18 months imprisonment for digging up his niece’s corpse, adding traditional herbs and placing it in his fields so as to attract a bumper harvest for the season.
The farmer, Happison Chirimudombo was arraigned by the Police before Magistrate Paul Mudonhi, on charges of violating a corpse and a grave.
Chirimudombo was slapped with 24 months jail term, however got six months suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.
Prosecutor Mr Panganayi Chiutsi during trial was able to establish that in 2014, the convict’s niece, identified as Gamuchirai, died mysteriously and after the burial, Chirimudombo went to the grave at night and exhumed her remains.
The Herald reports that errant farmer took a leg bone and ribs from Gamuchirai corpse, returned home and concocted a mixture of the bones and some traditional herbs. He placed the mixture in his fields to try and induce a bumper harvest.