France fines baker €3,000 for Working too hard

A French baker, Monsieur Cedric Vaivre, in a bid to meet up with heavy demands last summer worked all through the week baking fresh croissants and baguettes.
However, instead of the 41-year-old getting a commendation from the state for service rendered both to tourists and natives, Vaivre was slapped a €3,000 for not taking enough time off work to rest.
Why is that so?
France has in place strict employment laws, which among other things require that both employers and employees get at least one day off work in a week.
The extant law was put in place to supposedly stop workers from being exploited by business owners.
Nevertheless, the Mayor of the town, Monsieur Christian Branle does not buy into this law.
Branle registering his protest said: "These kind of laws are killing our businesses."
"You have to have some common sense, we are in an area where there is not a lot of competition," Mr Branle, the town's mayor, said in an interview with broadcaster 13 heures de TF1.