Librarian killed at cemetery, ‘private’, other body parts removed

In what could be termed a ritual murder, a 42-year-old school Librarian has been found dead at a local cemetery, with vital body parts, including his penis removed, reports Manica Post.
The late John Gotora, who until his gruesome murder worked with Marist Brothers in Nyanga, was said to have been returning from his office when he was ambushed by some unknown men.  
His mutilated body was recovered only a week ago, in an advanced stage of decomposition.
In a chat with Manica Post, the deceased’s widow, Viola Matiringe, said her husband was buried without his private parts, right hand, tongue, teeth, brain and some flesh from the skull.
“My husband died a painful death. They cut off his right hand, private parts, tongue and removed all flesh and brains from his skull. All his teeth were missing. We just had to bury him like that since we had no other option,” she said.
Gotora stayed at a school house with his eleven-year-old daughter while the rest of his family stayed in Mapfura Village under Chief Saunyama which is 20km away from the school.