Man Proposes to 25-year-old Girlfriend with 25 Brand New iPhone Xs

Imagine that? His fiancée must love the apple brand so much for him to pull off this act…just to get her to say yes.
A young video-game designer from Shenzen, China, in a rare move pre-ordered 25 brand new iPhone Xs just to impress his would-be wife enough to say yes to his marriage proposal.
Chen Ming, to send his message across, formed the shape of the heart on a bed, filled the space within with rose petals and dropped an engagement ring in the middle.
When the unsuspecting girlfriend, identified simply as lee arrived the location of the surprise and saw the display and her boy friend down on his knee holding the engagement ring, she couldn’t help but say yes.
According to ET Today, the couple are avid lovers of video games and had actually met in 2016 through a game he had developed.
The online media reports that Chen ordered for 25 piece because the number symbolizes her age.