Man Shot Dead Outside Son's School

A Father was on Thursday shot dead by two unknown men on a motorcycle while picking up his son from school, New Straits Times reports.
According to reports, the deceased was waiting in front of the school-the SK Sri Serdang in Seri Kembangan, China for the afternoon session to be over when the men, approached, shot him severally and then sped off with the bike.
An eyewitness, another parent who had come to pick up his children said the shooting happened too fast, that it was difficult to pick up details about the shooters.
His words:"I heard four or five shots... it happened too fast, too sudden," the witness added.
Two more people were injured in the incident, believed to be as a result of stray bullets or ricochets.
China Press in its report claimed the shooting was as a result of a gang squabble gone wrong.
According to it, the victim was part of a gang that had internal conflicts.