Sex-Starved Man threatens to commit

The Police in Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana has taken into custody a 38-year-old man for threatening to kill himself because his wife stopped ‘making love’ to him.
According to Adom News, it has been 3 months since he last had sex with her, so frustrated by his wife’s refusal, Joseph Acquah, a resident of Assin Kwaata threatened he will take his own life.  
Disturbed by this declaration, his wife reported the matter to the police, resulting in his arrest.
Assin Fosu District police commander, ASP Magnus Rendorf Sam, explaining why his unit moved in swiftly to arrest the Acquah, said “Committing Suicide is against the laws of the country, so Acquah, would be made to answer to the law for contemplating that action.”