Married man dupes his mistress of N1.6m, relocates with family abroad

A twitter user took to her handle to narrate a sad story of a supposed mistress who unfortunately was swindled by her lover.
According to the accountholder, identified as @asherstuta, the said lover, a married guy ripped his side chic of a whopping N1.6 million and relocated with his entire family abroad.
The guy had asked for a loan from the unsuspecting lady…before his moving….
Read her tweet:
“Nah!!! The preek gotta be made of diamond or some sort of reasoning shutting material.
You girls are wilding in this Lagos 
So, Babe and Guy been seeing for a minute….Babe finds out midway Guy is married with a kid…Babe decides to go ahead with relationship hopin Guy separates from his wife eventually…..Guy keeps giving her trips and all so teyyy her brain finally scatter….
Guy said he would love her to move to the island so they can see more often…. since preek is so sweet Babe agreed. The only problem is Guy doesnt have extra cash at the time, so Babe took 1.6million loan from office cooperative society on the promise Guy will pay back….”
It’s been 7months, 80percent of Babe’ salary goes into servicing loan, Guy hasn’t dropped one shishi… She can barely feed or transport herself to work  Babe come dey para dey threaten Guy.
Mr Lover boy haff now relocate with his family to US 2weeks ago without informing side chic. . No contact, nothing!!!
What shall we call This???
This life ehn, pot of beans. Just when you think you have you have the rarest of preek and romance all to yourself, life pulls the carpet.