Mentally Challenged mum throws baby off a bridge (photos)

A seven-month-old baby had a close shave with death after her mum; who was mentally challenged threw her off a 118ft bridge into a swampy river in north-east Brazil.
The infant, Thayller Mendes was rescued by two officers on duty, before she vanished off the surface of the waters, however she was said to have sustained a blow to her head and bruise in her back.
Her mother, 23-year-old Carla Regina Mendes, who was arrested at the scene threw baby Thayller over the railings on José Sarney Bridge, in Sao Luis, northeast Brazil in front of shocked passersby.

Ms. Mendes has been sent for psychiatric tests and could face charges of attempted murder, should her evealuation prove otherwise.
The Officers, Danilo Pestana and Herberth Ribeiro were returning together from football training around 2 pm on a motorbike when they noticed a commotion involving a woman on the bridge.
Witnesses shouted that the young mum had just thrown her child over the edge and into the river below. The officers immediately plunged into the mud, which reached up their waist, to rescue the little girl who had lost most of her clothes and was only wearing a nappy.
Officer Pestana told local media:
‘It was difficult to locate the baby, we could only see her head sticking out of the sludge. We could see she was being suffocated and that mud was in her mouth.
The mud hampered our movements. It slowed us down and it was hard to get through. But as we got closer to the child, she saw us and started to cry and tried to get herself out.
Her desperate cries were heartbreaking and we pushed hard to reach her before she sunk beneath the mud. When we got to her and pulled her out she cried loudly in our arms and that was the best sound we could hear as it made us so happy that she was alive.
Thank God, we managed to get there in time because she would have certainly choked to death,’ a relieved Officer Pestana said’.