Methodist church calls for legalisation of Prostitution

Reverend Alan Storey and members of Asijiki hoist a banner saying “Jesus was the first to decriminalise sex work” on the Central Methodist Church in Greenmarket Square. 

A local Methodist church in South Africa led by Reverend Alan Storey, in conjunction with a right group has asked the government to expunge an existing law that criminalises prostitution, Times Live reports.
As part of effort to attract sympathy for their cause, the clergyman and some members of the Asijiki Coalition for the Decriminalisation of Sex Work‚ were even seen hoisting on Thursday banner over the church that had the inscription,  “Jesus was the first to decriminalise sex work”‚ written on it.
Storey says it is part of the church’s Yellow Banner Theology.
With this initiative, Storey and his church will go down in history as the first South African religious institution to make a public statement in support of the decriminalisation of sex work in the country.
Storey said:”What the criminalisation of sex work has done is make a vulnerable group of people even more vulnerable‚”
“The unintended consequences of criminalising sex work are horrific.”
He explained that the criminalisation of sex work disempowers sex workers from insisting on safe sex practices with clients. “This makes sex workers more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.”
Storey said that it also adds to the social stigma and “almost validates their social outcast status”. He said this can make it difficult for sex workers to access health services and law enforcement.
Pamela Chakuvinga‚ the assistant national coordinator, National Sex Workers’ Movement, speaking on behalf of all sex workers across the country noted: “We are so happy that we have pastors who recognise sex workers as human beings.”