“My zip opened itself”, Imam who raped 2-year-old girl claims

A 63-year-old Islamic clergy, Musa Mulo will spend the rest of his natural life in jail for defiling a 2-year-old girl.
Mulo, an Imam at Kibubbu Mosque, Uganda was convicted after he plead guilty to the charges preferred against him.
Mulo, who has three wives will spend the rest of his life in jail after the judge; Justice Ms Margaret Mutonyi sentenced him to life imprisonment.
The state prosecutor, Ms Janat Kitimbo, told the court the Paedophile clergyman perpetuated the act in 2012.
The little girl had been playing around Mulo’s home unaccompanied, when the Imam suddenly grabbed her and took her into the house where he defiled her, bruising her private parts in the process. 
He afterwards told the toddler to return home.
At the commencement of the trial on Friday, the imam said
“I carried that child, put her on my laps and I just saw my zip opening by itself,”
Justice Ms Margaret Mutonyi observed that Mulo is not fit to be an imam or live in society. She described him as “a dangerous person” who is supposed to be kept away from children. She then sentenced him to life imprisonment.
 Meanwhile, upon his arrest, it was learnt that, a group of Muslims stormed Nalumasi’s home and destroyed her property, claiming she had framed Musa Mulo, their religious leader.