Naija Producer releases 'Wakanda Forever', a month after Black Panther hit the cinemas

Is it a case of ingenuity or sheer lack of originality? You decide!
A Nigeria producer, perhaps in a bid to leverage the influence of Marvel Studio’s money-spinner, ‘Black Panther’, released a spin-off of the super hero flick.
‘Wakanda Forever’, as depicted in the film, is the salute of the people of the fictional nation-Wakanda. It is slowly becoming a global symbol of Black power and solidarity.
Released just two days ago, Nollywood’s Wakanda Forever is set in a village in Nigeria and weaves traditional storytelling with juju/voodoo and comedic special effects to explore family and lineage in an African society.
It has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube, winning the attention of a global audience desperate to connect with the African continent.
Watch the film below: