Nude Woman Upsets Mourners at Funerals (Video)

An unidentified woman, stormed the cemetery in Burgersfort, Limpopo stark naked, causing a huge upset, Ijozi reports.
The Mourners who were not through with burial procedures, the video showed left what they were doing to watch the lady stroll by and eventual climbed one of the graves.
An eyewitness account held that the woman, who hailed from that same village said things that didn’t make any sense while she walked about, with those around taking photos and videos of her.
In the video she could also be seen posing for photos and leaning on tombstones, as if she was having a photo session.
She later lays down on a tombstone and closes her eyes as if she is asleep.
Apparently the woman was looking very confused as she walked around the cemetery on Saturday.
One witness said the dazed woman did not seem to care that people were filming her.
“We have never before seen something like this in our village.
“The dead people’s families were disturbed but did not say anything,” he said.
“There is more to this.
“No one just chooses to walk around naked like that, especially in a graveyard.”
Eventually, when furious residents threatened to burn the woman alive, she was rescued by her husband, who took her home.