Python Crawls out of Motorbike handlebar causing Rider to have accident

A motorbike rider Tengku Ahmad Zasharin on Thursday had an accident after a snake, said to be a python made a surprise crawl out of his handlebar in Malaysia.
Zasharin was on top speed when he felt a strange sensation around his wrist, reports SAYS.COM
At first he taught it was just leaves on top of his hands, but was shocked when he look and found out it was a snake.
Obviously, the reptile was in the meter box before it crawled out.
According to Zasharin’s friend, Azim Sharim, who shared the story on Instagram, while the former was “focused on getting rid of the snake, he lost control of his motorbike and crashed into a road divider.”
He has been admitted to the Hospital UIA Kuantan, where he is being treated for shoulder injuries and a fractured pelvis, he sustained during the accident.