Robbers steal $5 million from plane

A band of robbers on Sunday stole $5 million in cash from a Lufthansa jet headed for Switzerland before it took off from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The neatly executed heist, according to report was perfected in a matter of minutes, leaving no trace that may point authorities to the thieves.
As a result of this the authorities, Khaleej Times says have yet to arrest a suspect.
The crooks entered Viracopos International Airport's freight terminal using a pickup on which they had "placed stickers mimicking the runway security company's logo," federal police said in a statement.
Germany-based Lufthansa's plane had been traveling from Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo and was making a stop at Viracopos - Brazil's biggest freight terminal - with Zurich as its final destination.
The daily said five men had threatened security agents on the runway before taking off with the cargo, in barely six minutes.
Cargo theft is on the rise in Brazil, where most targets are semi-trucks, especially those serving Rio de Janeiro.