SA Opposition party wants ex-President Zuma to pay back N460m legal fees

South Africa’s main opposition party, Democratic Alliance (DA) is seeking to get a court injunction to force embattled erstwhile President, Jacob Zuma to pay back to the state the multi-million legal bill that was accumulated from his criminal charges in the so-called Spy Tape saga.
Disclosing its intention to press men, federal executive chairperson James Selfe said the party is set to file a suit to that effect in the high court not later than Monday.
The Presidency incurred R15.3million (N464,870,520) in legal costs in the prolonged legal battle between the DA and the National Prosecuting Authority following the 2009 decision by the authority to throw out the fraud, fraud, corruption, money laundering and racketeering charges preferred against Zuma.
“We are taking both the Presidency and the Department of Justice to court, because the decision to pay for the civil case that we launched on this matter had nothing to do with the government.
"It had everything to do with Zuma as a private individual. He must bring back this R15m,” Selfe said.