See School where Pupils Learn lying On the Floor

It is sad that in Africa situations like this are sill obtainable. How can these Pupils learn effectively under this kind of condition?
Kudos should go the pupils of Kpandai D/A Primary School, Ghana who damn the unfavourable learning conditions and still show up in school daily to grab whatever knowledge they can.  
According to reports, the situation has exposed the children to some health conditions, including spinal complications, respiratory conditions and headaches as a result of the dust they inhale daily on the bare floor.
Some parents and guardians have already withdrawn their wards, saying working in farms is way better that going through the horrid condition.  
DAILY GUIDE, who made a visit to the school recently disclosed that all academic activities are all done by pupils on the bare floor.
Some students who spoke to the paper, said they mostly suffer sharp back and neck pains due to their posture during class hours.
Felicia Pormaa, a teacher in the school, said “the condition at the school is not only worrying but dangerous to the health of the children.”
Ghana Govt, please come to their rescue...