Sheer Beef or Plain truth? Ajimobi newlyweds are a non-virtuous couple – ex Gov Kwankwanso

Kano State was literally locked down last weekend as political figures from all across the country jetted into town to attend the marriage ceremony between daughter of incumbent governor Fateema Ganduje and Ajibola Ajimobi, one of the sons of serving Oyo state governor.  
Expectedly, Nigerians were eager to see pictures from a ceremony that had in attendance, the President of the Federal Republic, Muhammadu Buhari and no fewer than 20 sitting governors.
However, of all the shots that came out from the 'august' occasion, one has got tongues wagging…and that is the photo that had Ajibola Ajimobi grabbing one of his wife’s boobs while both were engulfed in a passionate kiss.
Well the Former Kano state governor Rabiu Kwankwaso has trolled the new couple for that singular act tagging the pair as ‘non-virtuous.’
Senator Kwankwanso, sharing his thoughts about the pix, while addressing his supporters noted:
”Only few people are happy with the marriage of a single zawarawa because they are just one. We heard the eastern, the western, the southern and the northern entry points to Kano are all shut for the marriage of a single ‘zawarawa’ couple.
“This shows a sharp departure from the Kwankwasiyya ideology in Kano State. Today, Kano was at a standstill because of this marriage.
“We also heard a lot of people from other places that are less busy have abandoned their duties to attend the wedding. I also heard this event involving a single couple has made lot of people doing their legitimate businesses remain indoors.
“All these show difference between honesty and dishonesty, between light and darkness, between mass wedding of a thousand couple and that of a single couple,” he said.
Anyway, it is not exactly clear whether the ‘distinguished senator’ is saying this out of sincere concern or he is just beefing the newlyweds.
Remember, he has a running battle with the bride’s father, who as his former deputy, he had single-handedly installed as his replacement.
Things fell apart a few months later and from all indications, it looks like there is no hope of the once thriving godfather and political son’s relationship being mended any time soon.