Singaporeans Pay Up to $93 on Cosmetic Surgery for Their Pet Fishes

Imagine spending up to $100, not on feeds-enough to sustain your pet fish(es) for several weeks, but to give it an eyelift-whatever that means.
Hard to comprehend right?
Well, TODAYonline is reporting that it is common place for Singaporeans to spend that much on cosmetic surgery for the beloved pet.
The online media in a chat with one of the famous fish surgeon, Eugene Ng, gathered that the procedures really "beautifies" the fish instead of harming it
"I know some people think it’s cruel to the fish. But really I’m doing it a favour because now the fish looks better and its owner will love it even more," Ng, also known as Dr Ark to his clients, said.
The eyelift procedure, a common elective surgery for fishes, especially the Asian Arowanas, involves loosening tissues behind the fish's eye and pushing the eyeball up into the socket.
How much does one procedure cost?
It was reported that the cost for an eyelift can run up to $92.56.