Tragic! 2-Year-Old strangled to Death by Curtain Rope While Playing

A Malay family was on Tuesday thrown into mourning after one of its members, a 2-year-old boy was strangled to death after his neck got stuck in a curtain window rope.
The tragic incident, which happened at their home in Halaman Meru Impian, Ipoh while the toddler was playing.
The paramedics who were called to offer assistance declared the child death on arrival.
Bernama reports he was at home with his stepmother, who was in her 30s.
His biological mother died in February last year due to breast cancer.
Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Ali Tamby, narrated that the child was playing with a curtain rope used to secure the curtain at the staircase near the kitchen at the time of the accident.
"The boy's 30-year-old stepmother was at the house with him prior to the incident.
"The boy had asked for some food and was given biscuit before he left to play at the living room while the stepmother went to the kitchen to cook," The Star Online quoted ACP Tamby, who added that after a while when the stepmother went to check on the boy, she "found him hanging from the curtain tie-back".
The stepmother immediately alerted her husband, the boy's father, who was in Bangi on work matters and her sister who lived nearby
She also untangled the curtain rope from the boy's neck and laid him on the floor.
"She also called 999 and was asked to do CPR while waiting for paramedics. While doing CPR she got a pulse and milk came out of his mouth.
"CPR was done until the paramedics arrived and they continued with it in the ambulance but the boy did not make it," Bernama quoted ACP Tamby as saying.
A post-mortem carried out suggested the toddler died of compression of neck, which is consistent with hanging.