UK to build a 112-Bed prison in Nigeria

Sky news reports that the UK government is set to build a 112-bed jail next door to the Kiri-kiri prisons to facilitate the transfer of prisoners from Britain.
The extension which is to be built to United Nations specifications, is part of a compulsory prisoner transfer agreement and will cost about £700,000 (N350,025,480), UK’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson told the parliament on Wednesday evening.
"As part of this agreement, eligible prisoners serving criminal sentences in Nigeria and the UK can be returned to complete their sentences in their respective countries," Mr Johnson said.
It follows a deal reached between the two countries signed in 2014.
But poor conditions in some prisons overseas have created a legal barrier to returning foreigners convicted in the UK.
"The Government believes that wherever possible foreign nationals should serve their sentences in their own country," a Foreign Office spokesperson told Sky News.
"Helping Nigeria to improve its prison conditions and increase prison capacity will enable us to transfer more prisoners to Nigeria, which will in turn free up prison places in the UK."
According to House of Commons statistics there were 320 Nigerian nationals in prisons in England and Wales at the end of 2016.