Wife leaves marriage of 40 days after hubby refuses to buy her shawarma

A 30-year-old woman on Friday told a Family Court in Zananiri, Egypt she wants her 40-day-old marriage dissolved because her husband failed to by her Sharwama on their first, and eventually last outing as a couple.
According to Sameeha, his refusal proves that her husband-Ahmed, who is a school teacher, is very stingy.
The couple had married after knowing each other for barely two months, which the estranged wife says was why she didn’t have ample time to discover his tightfisted side.
Sameeha said 32-year-old Ahmed started unfolding his frugal nature, a day after their traditional wedding, after he asked him to take her out.
Ahmed declined saying it was a waste of funds. She didn’t pay much attention to his words then, but things got worse with each passing day.
Sameeha told the judge presiding over her divorce case that despite having a good job and tutoring students in his free time, Ahmed adopted an extremely frugal lifestyle, even when it came to food.
Sameeha has since moved back with her parents, from where she filed for divorce. She told the judge that she couldn’t go on living with her “sick” husband.