Woman Arraigned for Stealing $150,000 in Cash and Jewelry From Pro Boxer at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

A woman who just wanted to have fun, a few nights before she turned 40, ended up spending her birthday in jail for allegedly stealing about $150,000 in cash and jewelry from a pro-boxer at JAY-Z's 40/40 nightclub.
 Sarah Morin, who turned herself in after admitting to being one of multiple women wanted for stealing a Louis Vuitton bag from Jermall Charlo on Saturday night, was arraigned by the Cops, after being charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.
According to NYDN, Charlo was celebrating with a few of friends when a fight ensued between the middleweight boxer and a security guard.  During the brawl, one of Charlo's friends left the boxer's bag that had in it $25,000 in cash and $125,000 in jewelry — including a championship ring and a pendant of two boxing gloves covered with diamonds — on a table.
The suspect was said to have grabbed the designer bag and bolted out of the club with five other women who had also come to have fun.
Detectives reviewing security footage were able to identify Morin, who returned the bag with the stolen jewelry when she surrendered. She didn't have the cash on her, police sources said.
A judge released her on her own recognizance following a brief arraignment hearing at Brooklyn Criminal Court Tuesday.
Her attorney Gerard Marrone, who was with Morin when she surrendered, said the charges were "bull----."
"She's a good girl. She's never been in trouble," Marrone said, claiming a bouncer handed his client the bag as she ran away from the fight.
The bag had been handed off to several people before it ended up in Morin's possession, Marrone said.
"One of the bouncers handed the bag to her and she ran for her life," he said. "She was the last one that held the bag and that's why she was arrested."
"(That doesn't) make her the bag man," Marrone said.
Morin was trying to give the bag back when police reached out to her, her attorney said.
Do you believe her story? It sounds awfully suspicious to us.