Woman attacked viciously By Husband for Disconnecting Wi-Fi

An Indian woman was on Wednesday admitted into a private hospital in Hyderabad, after being beaten to a pulp by her husband for simply switching off the Wi-Fi connection, so as to make him go to bed, reports NDTV.
The Police say, Reshma Sultana, a mother of three sustained injuries on her chest, face and head following the incident.
According to reports, on Wednesday night, Mr. Sultana had stayed up late using the internet. Not happy with the situation, Ms. Sultana decided to switch off the Wi-Fi and troubled ensued afterwards.
Sultana's mother, who lounged the complaint with the police, said her husband, enraged with her action descended on her, punching her indiscriminately.
A police officer said the couple had marital disputes and counselling is going on before a decision is taken on registering a case and arresting the husband.