Woman pole-dances through her pregnancy (Pictures & Video)

We have seen ‘dancer’ for example Nigeria’s Queen of dance ‘Kaffy’ continue with her routine-dancing and teaching people how to dance all through her gestation period, but pole-dance?
That scary! But one lady-35-year-old Allison Sipes has kept on doing that…despite concerns raised by a few.
Sipes, who manages the US Pole Sports Federation has danced since 2005. Now she’s vowed not to stop until she gives birth.
She explained how she kept dancing to the Metro
“Pole dancing was business as usual until about 6 months, then the extra weight gain/weight displacement began to make it challenging strength wise, and with regards to what I was able to do safely with my growing belly." But nonetheless, she continued and is still dancing at 38 weeks. 
When she spoke to her doctors, they all thought her form of exercise was "pretty cool!" She continued: 
They all encouraged me to continue exercise as long as I wanted to. I have fortunately had a very healthy pregnancy with zero complications, so keeping up with what I love to do – pole and aerial – has been a blessing. content...
When so many people feel like they can pass judgement on the appearance of pregnant women and the practice of pole dancing artists, Allison is a powerful vision of commitment and skill. We salute you, and wish we could pole dance full stop – let alone when pregnant.
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