20-year-old kills girlfriend over unwanted pregnancy

The Police in Plateau State have taken into custody a 20-year-old commercial motorcyclist-Stephen Gyang, for allegedly murdering his pregnant girlfriend, Alice Samuel and burying her corpse in a shallow grave.
According to reports, Gyang carried out the dastardly act, because he didn’t want the pregnancy.
The JSS2 dropout during interrogation disclosed the victim drew his ire after she retraced her statement saying the pregnancy was his. She had said before that he wasn’t responsible for putting her in a family way before, but her mother impressed it on her to finger the suspect.
According to the suspect, his late girlfriend wanted him to take responsibility for the unwanted pregnancy on the prompting of her mother.
However the murder suspect disclosed that after he killed Alice over the unwanted pregnancy, her spirit started tormenting him.
“Yes, Alice Samuel was my girlfriend and we had been together for some time now. I killed her because of the pregnancy. After saying the pregnancy was not for me, she recanted and said it was mine; that was why I killed her. I decided to bury her that night in a shallow grave that was to be used either for a pit toilet or well.
“After the incident, the spirit of Alice Samuel did not leave me; she started disturbing me and I had to report to my brother who took the matter to my father. My father thereafter reported my predicament to the village chief” he said.
20-year-old Kelly James, a friend and an accomplice of the murder suspect in the incident which occurred at Tahoss village, Plateau State, claimed that he begged Gyang not to kill the victim, but he refused. He claimed that the prime suspect threatened to kill him if he (James) did not assist him.
“I had been seeing him and the girl together for over three years now. He is my friend and the two of us are commercial motorcyclists. On that particular day, I had gone to see his girlfriend, who sold palm wine. After taking palm wine at her shop, I went to my friend’s house. When I discovered that he was not at home, I picked the house key where he usually kept it, opened the door and slept off in his room.
“When he returned home at night, he was not happy that I entered his house without informing him of my visit. While I was asleep, I heard a knock on the window and he informed me it was his girlfriend, Alice.
“When I asked him what brought the girl by that time of the night, he said she came to see him. He opened the back door for her and they started having a discussion behind the curtains.
“He called me outside that the girl had implicated him over a pregnancy which did not belong to him. He insisted that the girl’s mother asked her to do so. I told him that since he had accepted the pregnancy and the case was already in the palace of the village chief, he should allow her to be with her parents for now.
“But he said no, that he was going to deal with the girl by killing her. I advised him against it, warning that if he killed Alice, we would not be friends again. But he refused.
“I left him outside and went into the room. I started trembling on the bed as I feared the worst. He was talking to the girl and I thought he had decided against killing her.
“Suddenly, I heard the sound of two legs on the ground, which suggested that she was struggling for life. I stood up and saw that he held the girl’s neck to the wall; he had strangled her and her eyes were already white. As I told him to leave the girl, he threatened to kill me if I did not assist him to cover up” James said.