2pac blasts Wendy Williams, Dr. Dre, others in Lost Notes

When 2pac turned into Makaveli on The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory and dissed multiple members of the East Coast rap community all over the album in 1996, it was lights out. Obviously, he died before the effort came out, but his feelings towards people like Puff DaddyThe Notorious B.I.G.Mobb Deep were certainly known.
In lost liner notes that have recently surfaced, the aforementioned artists all got dissed as well as a few others who were catching heat from him and Death Row at the time.
‘Pac calls out Haitian Jack and King Tut for shooting at him at Quad Studios back in 1994, Faith Evans for having low self-esteem and “beat up pussy,” Lil Kim‘s weave, Nas for not minding his business, De La SoulJAY Z and more. Wendy Williams even got called a “fat ass bitch,” and Dr. Dre a “closet homo.”
The message becomes even more biting when he calls Wendy Williams "a fat bitch," Mobb Deep "no record selling asses," Dr. Dre a "closet homo," and De La Soul "fat, washed up bums." He also makes snide comments towards Nas, Lil' Kim, Faith Evans, and Jay Z, and signs the letter Makaveli.
None of these notes made the cut for the album, besides the ending “WAR TIME! Worldwide, Nationwide, Citywide, Real Niggaz Do Real Things.”