3 children die after parents spray home with Insecticide

Now fewer than three children died at the 37 Military Hospital after their parents reportedly sprayed an agro-chemical to check some crawling insects at their home.
The sad incident happened on Friday, April 20, 2018.
 The parents of the deceased children – nine-month-old twin girls and their two-year-old brother – sprayed the insecticide in the evening of Friday in a bid to tackle cockroach infestation, however, by midday the next day the children had died.
The family said to be residents of Abavana Down, a suburb of Accra, arrived at the 37 Military Hospital with severe respiratory problems, hours after inhaling the deadly substance called organophosphate, found in a product called Topstoxin.
Topstoxin is a fumigation tablet for the control of insects in stored grain, processed food and feeds.
The substance, also known as AlP, is used as a rodenticide and insecticide and a fumigant for stored cereal grains.
Experts say it is used to kill small verminous mammals such as moles and rodents.