3 Die After Robbing Dead Pastor's Corpse, Court set to punish surviving thief

The latest in the case that saw three men mysteriously die after stealing from the late Pastor Charles Chiriseri has seen the High Court ruling that the surviving police officer who has asked not to be disciplined being ordered to face the law.
Zimeye reports that the respected Senior High Court Judge, Justice Nicholas Mathonsi ruled that Tawanda Mawere (32), must face disciplinary proceedings as he stands accused of robbing Apostle Charles Chiriseri’s corpse of $200 following the fatal traffic accident which happened one an a half years ago.
In his ruling Justice Mathonsi said, “the position of our law at the moment clearly states that a police officer who has been prosecuted in the criminal court is still liable for disciplinary action in terms of the Police Act.
The Police Act deals with the enforcement of discipline and the first respondent (Comm-Gen Matanga) has the administrative authority to arrest indiscipline within the police force…What this means, therefore, is that the applicant is standing on sinking ground and the application for an interdict must, therefore, fail as what is lawful cannot be interdicted.”